Psalms 84:5

Blessed is the man whose strength is in you; in whose heart are the ways to them.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
9. But how shall we come thither? "Happy is the man whose strength is in Thee"(ver. 5). He knew where he was, and that by reason of the frailty of his flesh he could not fly to that state of blessedness: he thought upon his own burden, as it is said elsewhere; "For the corruptible body weighs down the soul, and the earthly house depresses the understanding which has many thoughts." The Spirit calls upward, the weight of the flesh calls back again downward: between the double effort to raise and to weigh down, a kind of struggle ensues: this struggle goes toward the pressure of the winepress. Hear how the Apostle describes this same struggle of the winepress, for he was himself afflicted there, there he was pressed. ..."Miserable man that I am: who shall deliver me from the body of this death? The grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord." ..."For I delight in the Law of God according to the inner man." But what shall I do? how shall I fly? how shall I arrive thither? "I see another l...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
In his heart, he hath disposed to ascend by steps, ascensiones in corde suo disposuit. As by steps men ascended towards the eternal temple by certain steps of virtue disposed or ordered within the heart. And this whilst he lives as yet in the body, in this vale of tears, the place which man hath set: that is, which he hath brought himself to: being cast out of paradise for his sin. (Challoner) There is no standing still. "As the saint daily advances, so the sinner daily decreases. "(St. Jerome) (Calmet) Hebrew of these three following verses is variously rendered. The Septuagint are the most ancient, and very exact. (Berthier) Heart. "The more you love, the higher will you ascend. "(St. Augustine) Hebrew, "the paths are in his heart. Passing in the vale of tears, they shall place (or deem) it a fountain. The teacher shall be clothed with benediction. They shall go from strength to strength: they shall appear before God in Sion. "(St. Jerome) (Haydock) Three words occasion the diff...

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