Wisdom of Sirach 48

1Then stood up Elias the prophet as fire, and his word burned like a lamp.
2He brought a sore famine upon them, and by his zeal he diminished their number.
3By the word of the Lord he shut up the heaven, and also three times brought down fire.
4O Elias, how was you honored in your wondrous deeds! and who may glory like to you!
5Who did raise up a dead man from death, and his soul from the place of the dead, by the word of the most High:
6Who brought kings to destruction, and honorably men from their bed:
7Who heard the rebuke of the Lord in Sinai, and in Horeb the judgment of vengeance:
8Who anointed kings to take revenge, and prophets to succeed after him:
9Who was taken up in a whirlwind of fire, and in a chariot of fiery horses:
10Who was ordained for reproofs in their times, to pacify the wrath of the Lord's judgment, before it brake forth into fury, and to turn the heart of the father to the son, and to restore the tribes of Jacob.
11Blessed are they that saw you, and slept in love; for we shall surely live.
12Elias it was, who was covered with a whirlwind: and Eliseus was filled with his spirit: while he lived, he was not moved with the presence of any prince, neither could any bring him into subjection.
13No word could overcome him; and after his death his body prophesied.
14He did wonders in his life, and at his death were his works marvelous.
15For all this the people repented not, neither departed they from their sins, till they were spoiled and carried out of their land, and were scattered through all the earth: yet there remained a small people, and a ruler in the house of David:
16Of whom some did that which was pleasing to God, and some multiplied sins.
17Ezekias fortified his city, and brought in water into the midst thereof: he digged the hard rock with iron, and made wells for waters.
18In his time Sennacherib came up, and sent Rabsaces, and lifted up his hand against Sion, and boasted proudly.
19Then trembled their hearts and hands, and they were in pain, as women in travail.
20But they called upon the Lord which is merciful, and stretched out their hands toward him: and immediately the Holy One heard them out of heaven, and delivered them by the ministry of Esay.
21He struck the host of the Assyrians, and his angel destroyed them.
22For Ezekias had done the thing that pleased the Lord, and was strong in the ways of David his father, as Esay the prophet, who was great and faithful in his vision, had commanded him.
23In his time the sun went backward, and he lengthened the king's life.
24He saw by an excellent spirit what should come to pass at the last, and he comforted them that mourned in Sion.
25He showed what should come to pass for ever, and secret things or ever they came.

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