Baruch 4

1This is the book of the commandments of God, and the law that endures for ever: all they that keep it shall come to life; but such as leave it shall die.
2Turn you, O Jacob, and take hold of it: walk in the presence of the light thereof, that you may be illuminated.
3Give not your honor to another, nor the things that are profitable to you to a strange nation.
4O Israel, happy are we: for things that are pleasing to God are made known to us.
5Be of good cheer, my people, the memorial of Israel.
6You were sold to the nations, not for your destruction: but because you moved God to wrath, you were delivered to the enemies.
7For you provoked him that made you by sacrificing to devils, and not to God.
8You have forgotten the everlasting God, that brought you up; and you have grieved Jerusalem, that nursed you.
9For when she saw the wrath of God coming upon you, she said, Listen, O you that dwell about Sion: God has brought upon me great mourning;
10For I saw the captivity of my sons and daughters, which the Everlasting brought upon them.
11With joy did I nourish them; but sent them away with weeping and mourning.
12Let no man rejoice over me, a widow, and forsaken of many, who for the sins of my children am left desolate; because they departed from the law of God.
13They knew not his statutes, nor walked in the ways of his commandments, nor trod in the paths of discipline in his righteousness.
14Let them that dwell about Sion come, and remember you the captivity of my sons and daughters, which the Everlasting has brought upon them.
15For he has brought a nation upon them from far, a shameless nation, and of a strange language, who neither reverenced old man, nor pitied child.
16These have carried away the dear beloved children of the widow, and left her that was alone desolate without daughters.
17But what can I help you?
18For he that brought these plagues upon you will deliver you from the hands of your enemies.
19Go your way, O my children, go your way: for I am left desolate.
20I have put off the clothing of peace, and put upon me the sackcloth of my prayer: I will cry to the Everlasting in my days.
21Be of good cheer, O my children, cry to the Lord, and he will deliver you from the power and hand of the enemies.
22For my hope is in the Everlasting, that he will save you; and joy is come to me from the Holy One, because of the mercy which shall soon come to you from the Everlasting our Saviour.
23For I sent you out with mourning and weeping: but God will give you to me again with joy and gladness for ever.
24Like as now the neighbors of Sion have seen your captivity: so shall they see shortly your salvation from our God which shall come upon you with great glory, and brightness of the Everlasting.
25My children, suffer patiently the wrath that is come upon you from God: for your enemy has persecuted you; but shortly you shall see his destruction, and shall tread upon his neck.
26My delicate ones have gone rough ways, and were taken away as a flock caught of the enemies.
27Be of good comfort, O my children, and cry to God: for you shall be remembered of him that brought these things upon you.
28For as it was your mind to go astray from God: so, being returned, seek him ten times more.
29For he that has brought these plagues upon you shall bring you everlasting joy with your salvation.
30Take a good heart, O Jerusalem: for he that gave you that name will comfort you.
31Miserable are they that afflicted you, and rejoiced at your fall.
32Miserable are the cities which your children served: miserable is she that received your sons.
33For as she rejoiced at your ruin, and was glad of your fall: so shall she be grieved for her own desolation.
34For I will take away the rejoicing of her great multitude, and her pride shall be turned into mourning.
35For fire shall come upon her from the Everlasting, long to endure; and she shall be inhabited of devils for a great time.
36O Jerusalem, look about you toward the east, and behold the joy that comes to you from God.
37Behold, your sons come, whom you sent away, they come gathered together from the east to the west by the word of the Holy One, rejoicing in the glory of God.

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