Wisdom of Solomon 4:13

He, being made perfect in a short time, fulfilled a long time:
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Fulgentius of Ruspe

AD 533
We should not think that your bishop, our brother, has departed here early and that he lived only a little while. It is right to say that he did not live only a little while if we realize that, as much as we may say of him, there is still more to say (even if, being finite, what is much here will be judged as though it were nothing). And he has not lived so little, if, instead of counting the years, we think of his works. Who knows how many people, though living many years, have not done even half of what he did in a few years? To want to keep him here, then, is nothing other than to envy him his happiness. Now, as human beings, we are saddened for the man. What would we do if we did not act like human beings? We are sad in a human way, therefore, for a man"s departure. But as we heard in the divine lesson, "In a short time, he fulfilled a long career." But, then, let us count those times as one counts a day. All that he did among you, exhorting, speaking, offering himself for your imitation"preserve it so as to praise and adore God, and you will be his most splendid memorial. Indeed, what matters for him is not that he be hidden in a marble tomb but that he be built up in your hearts"that he who has been buried would live in living sepulchers. Indeed, your memory is his tomb. He lives near to God, to be happy. He lives near to you, so that you would be happy. - "Sermon 79"

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