Wisdom of Solomon 17:1

For great are thy judgments, and cannot be expressed: therefore unnurtured souls have erred.
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Hilary of Poitiers

AD 368
In the book of the psalms we read, "Your judgments, like the great abyss." The apostle Paul says, "The judgments of God are inscrutable," and the prophet, "Your judgments are great and beyond number." In what sense, then, does the prophet dare to say, "With my lips I recited all the judgments of your mouth"? And yet he is not saying here anything that contradicts himself or anyone else who is similarly inspired. In fact, he does not say, "With my lips I have recited all your judgments," but, "All the judgments of your mouth," knowing that there is a difference between the judgments of God and the judgments of the mouth of God. When he said, "Your judgments like the great abyss," did he in fact use the expression, "The judgments of your mouth like the great abyss"? Here, rather, he says, "I have announced the judgments of your mouth." The prophet, therefore, did not remain silent about those judgments that he knew from the prophets or from the word of God, and if he proclaimed them it is precisely so that they would be taught. - "Homilies on the Psalms 118. Beth.8"

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