Wisdom of Solomon 13:4

But if they were astonished at their power and virtue, let them understand by them, how much mightier he is that made them.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
The prophet says, "I will be filled with the revelation of his glory." We can sing of the glory that awaits us, of the goods that will accompany it, of the splendor with which it will shine, but we are incapable of expressing all of this in words. Paul explains the reason for this when he writes, "Those things that eye has not seen, that ear has not heard and that have never entered the heart of human beings, God has prepared for those who love him." These many eternal, heavenly gifts have been prepared by the almighty Lord for his faithful, holy people throughout the world. But who is God, who has arranged all these things for us? Of him we say only that we do not know how to measure or express or understand him, that he is beyond all, outside of all, above all. He surpasses all his creatures; he is beyond his works, above all of them. I could try to express his greatness, but he is greater, or his beauty, but he is more beautiful. He is sweeter than every sweetness, brighter than every splendor, more just than all justice, stronger than all strength, gentler than all gentleness. Reason does not admit of the creature claiming equality with its Creator, nor that something produced is put on the level of the one who produced it. Precisely thus we read in the prophet, "The one who made powerful things is more powerful than they are. And the one who made beautiful things is more beautiful than they." - "Sermon 384.1.1"

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