Wisdom of Solomon 13:3

With whose beauty if they being delighted took them to be gods; let them know how much better the Lord of them is: for the first author of beauty hath created them.
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Hesychius of Jerusalem

AD 433
"He could not answer God one time in a thousand," because in fact he is incapable of it. Not only does God speak innumerable words for the good of every person, but, indeed, with his powerful wisdom and his immeasurable greatness, he is above all creatures. "He is wise of heart, powerful and great." Beyond any doubt, the splendor of his creatures, their harmony and order, manifest his wisdom. But God did not acquire this by learning, because he is wisdom in his essence. Job called him "wise in heart," however, to make us understand the true wisdom and intelligence of God. He mentioned his "greatness," thinking of the elements of visible creatures (and above all of invisible) that, though so great and numerous, hang "like a drop of water in a bucket" from the power of his right hand. And his "power" is manifest by the fact that they remain within the limits that he set out for them. - "Homilies on Job 12"

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