Tobit 8:19

And he kept the wedding feast fourteen days.
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AD 735
Our own teachers are indeed like cattle because they bear the light yoke of the gospel, for by preaching they beget and nurture those also who would advance further toward bearing the same yoke. They are the rams too because they are the fathers and leaders of the peoples who follow them, of whom it is said, “Bring to the Lord the offspring of rams.” They are moreover fat cattle because they are teachers filled to overflowing with the grace of heavenly love, of which grace the psalmist prays, “Let my soul be filled as with marrow and fat.” They are the two slaughtered cattle because all who for Christ either voluntarily mortify their body themselves, that they may become a living victim, or hand it over to the enemy to be killed, these assuredly have learned to withstand the enemy “with the weapons of uprightness to the right and to the left,” that is, in prosperity and adversity. They are the four slaughtered rams because holy teachers and martyrs preserve the four books of the holy gospel by faith and action, because they are supported by the four cardinal virtues of prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice, for they instruct the flock of Christ throughout the whole world, which is divided up into four quarters. Raguel had cattle and rams slaughtered because the Gentile people taught that those who had come to the faith from their own stock were like those whom, because of their outstanding virtue, the enemy desired to tempt and succeeded not in conquering after they were tempted but rather in making victorious as martyrs. Or at all events he had those killed whom he taught to crucify their flesh for Christ with its vices and passions. - "On Tobit 8.22"

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