Tobit 6:3

Then the angel said to him, Take the fish. And the young man laid hold of the fish, and drew it to land.
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AD 735
The Lord seized hold of the devil and by dying caught and conquered the one who wanted to catch him in death. Moreover he seized him by the gill so that, with the right hand of his power, he might separate his most wicked head from his entrapped body, that is, that he might remove the wickedness of the ancient enemy from the heart of those whom he had wickedly allied to himself and had made, as it were, one body with him, and that, as a merciful redeemer, he might graft them into the body of his church. For a fish has a gill at the joining of its head and body. Now, just as our Lord is the head of his church and the church is his body, so the devil is the head of all the wicked and all the wicked are his head and members. The reason why the Lord seized the very savage fish by the gill, dragged it towards him and cast it up on dry land was that, in smashing them to pieces, he openly and boldly exposed the devil’s capabilities in public and rescued from the power of darkness those whom he foreknew to be children of light. - "On Tobit 6.4"

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