Tobit 6:10

The angel said to the young man, Brother, to day we shall lodge with Raguel, who is your cousin; he also has one only daughter, named Sara; I will speak for her, that she may be given you for a wife.
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AD 735
Raguel stands for the people of the Gentiles whom the Lord deigned to visit through his preachers in order to take himself a bride from their stock, that is, make of the Gentiles a church for himself. Also Sarah’s name befits the church because of Sarah, the patriarch Abraham’s wife, who bore Isaac the son of the promise, that is, the free people of the church. Raguel’s name too, which means “God is his sustenance” or “God is my friend,” denotes the people who, after overcoming the devil’s deceit, unite themselves and their folk to the community of the Lord and can say, “The Lord is my shepherd, and I shall want for nothing,” and earn the reward of hearing, “I shall no longer call you servants” but “friends.” - "On Tobit 6.6"

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