Tobit 6:1

And as they went on their journey, they came in the evening to the river Tigris, and they lodged there.
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
What shall I say about dogs, who have a natural instinct to show gratitude and to serve as watchful guardians of their masters’ safety? Therefore Scripture cries out to the ungrateful, the slothful and the craven, telling them that they are “dumb dogs, not able to bark.” To dogs, therefore, is given the ability to bark in defense of their masters and their homes. Thus you should learn to use your voice for the sake of Christ, when ravening wolves attack his sheepfold. Have the word ready on your lips, lest, like a silent watchdog, you may appear because of your unfaithfulness to abandon the post entrusted to you. Such a dog was the friend and companion of an angel. Not without reason did Raphael in the prophetic book cause this dog to accompany the son of Tobias when he went on a journey, in order to drive out Asmodeus and thereby confirm the marriage. The demon is driven out as the result of a grateful recognition, and the union is stabilized. And so, under the symbolism of a dumb ani...


AD 735
Tobias stopped over by the waters of the Tigris because the Lord, when he appeared in the world, spent his life among sinners and mortals; but the water of sin did not touch him, nor did the prince of darkness, when he came, find in him anything of his own. - "On Tobit 6.1–2"


AD 735
When the Lord came to save the Gentiles, holy preachers followed in his footsteps because they carried out what he had commanded: “Go and teach all the nations.” Finally the Lord filled the home of Cornelius with the Holy Spirit, and so Peter baptized them with water. The teachers are called dogs because they defend their founder’s spiritual home, property and sheep from thieves and beasts, that is, from unclean spirits and heretical people. - "On Tobit 6.1"

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