Tobit 5:15

Yes, moreover, if you return safe, I will add something to your wages.
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AD 735
The angel promises Tobit to bring his son to Rages, a city of the Medes, and bring him back to him. The Lord promises the believers among the Jewish people (although this same people is largely blinded) that he will reveal the mysteries of his incarnation to the Gentile people, and again at the end of our times he will make them known more widely to his own people from whom he had taken flesh, when faith in his divinity will both accompany him everywhere and accomplish everything. Of the “bringing” to the Medes he says, “And I have other sheep which are not of this fold; these too I must bring,” and so forth. Of the “bringing back” the apostle says, “Until the fullness of the Gentiles should come in, and so all Israel should be saved.” - "On Tobit 5.11–13"

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