Tobit 3:12

And now, O Lord, I set I mine eyes and my face toward you,
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
Accept the sacrifice of my confession as the offering of my tongue, which you have formed and stimulated to confess to your name. Heal all my bones and let them say, “Lord, who is like you?” Not that he who confesses to you teaches you anything of what goes on within him, for the heart that is closed does not shut your eye, nor does the hardness of human beings stay your hand. Rather, you soften it, when you desire, either in compassion or in punishment. “There is no one who can hide from your heat.” Rather, my soul praises you, so that it may love you; let it confess to you your mercies, so that it may praise you. Your whole creation never stops or grows silent in your praises—every spirit praises you through the mouth that is turned to you, and all animals and bodily things through the mouth of those who look on them—so that our soul springs up to you from its weakness, supported by those things that you have made and passing over to you who have made these things so wonderfully. There is refreshment and true strength. - "Confessions 5.1.1"

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