Wisdom of Sirach 7:5

justify not yourself before the Lord; and boast not of your wisdom before the king.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Nothing will generate presumptions so much as a good conscience, if we are not careful. Therefore, knowing that after we do something honest that this sentiment might arise in us, Jesus said to his disciples, "When you shall have done all those things you say: "We are unprofitable servants." " When the evil beast is about to enter you, with these words, then, he says, close the door. Notice, he did not say, "When you shall have done all those things you are useless," but "say, "We are useless." " Tell him not to fear because I do not pass my sentence on the basis of your judgment. If you say you are useless, I shall crown you as useful. Elsewhere we read, "First declare your transgressions, so that you may be justified." In other tribunals, the death of the culprit follows after the accusation; in the divine tribunal, the crown comes after the accusation of the trespasses. Therefore also Solomon said, "Do not justify yourself before the Lord." - "Homilies on Hosea 3.1"

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