Wisdom of Sirach 41:22

Or to be overbusy with his maid, and come not near her bed; or of upbraiding speeches before friends; and after you have given, upbraid not;
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Rabanus Maurus

AD 856
The wife of another man is the perverse doctrine of the heretic, who is estranged from faith and from religion, from the company of God and from association with the faithful. For this reason wisdom forbids turning one"s gaze toward her, that is, to love her captivating speech. The maidservant is rather his carnal desire, which must be subjected to the dominion of the spirit, according to the words of the Lord to Cain, "Your instinct is toward you, but you can dominate it," but which nonetheless prevails in the life of reprobates. For this reason we are forbidden to look toward this maidservant, that is, to give in to her suggestions or to enter her bed, that is, to lie down in her delights. And it is for this reason that in Proverbs, wisdom reproaches this lustful woman in her bed and forbids us to follow her ways, saying, "Now, my son, listen to me, pay attention to the words of my mouth. Let not your heart turn toward her ways, do not lose yourself on her paths, because she has caused many to fall, pierced through, and every one of her victims was vigorous. Her house is a road to the netherworld, leading down to the chambers of death." - "On Ecclesiasticus 9.3"

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