Wisdom of Sirach 40:20

Wine and musick rejoice the heart: but the love of wisdom is above them both.
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Basil the Great

AD 379
Prayer is the request for good made to God by pious persons. In no way do we limit such requests merely to words. We do not believe that God needs to be reminded of things with words. He already knows the things that are good for us, even when we do not ask for them. So, what are we saying? That our prayer should not consist in syllables but in the soul"s purpose and in virtuous actions that spread throughout our entire life. "Whether you eat," says the apostle, "or drink or do any other thing, do everything to the glory of God." Seated at table, pray. Taking your bread, thank him who gave it to you. Fortifying the weakness of the body with wine, remember him who offers you this gift for the gladness of your heart and comfort in illness. Do you no longer feel the need for food? Do not allow the memory of the Benefactor to fade! If you put on your tunic, give thanks to him who gave it to you. If you wrap yourself in your cloak, let your love for God grow, who has given you suitable clot...

Cyril of Alexandria

AD 444
We say that the saints who have arisen in the churches"mystagogues and teachers"are called holy stones that roll on the earth. They were similar in appearance "to the precious, chosen cornerstone, placed by the God and Father in the foundation of Zion." And if the foundation is of stones, compacted and joined to him and raised to God as a holy temple, these also are rightly called stones. It is very well said that they roll, thus in some way indicating the agility and velocity with which they move toward every aspect of holiness. Round or spherical stones, in fact, overcome any obstacle and move with great facility, if one wants to move them. The mind of the saints, in turn, willingly adapts to the will of God. Since we are such "stones," it is clear that we should be righteous and blameless. But if there is some good, it is his, if there is something beautiful, it comes from him, because God lavishes on us everything related to piety. What things? "Grain for the youths, sweet-smelling...

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