Wisdom of Sirach 34:10

He that has no experience knows little: but he that has travelled is full of prudence.
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Cyril of Jerusalem

AD 386
"And lead us not into temptation," Lord. Does the Lord perhaps teach us to pray that we will never be tempted? Why does he say elsewhere, "The person who has not been tempted is not proven," and again, "Consider it supreme joy, brothers and sisters, when you fall into various temptations." But to enter into temptation is not to let oneself be overwhelmed by temptation. In fact, temptation seems like a stream of difficult passage. Some, who do not let themselves be submerged by temptation, make it across. They are good swimmers who do not allow themselves to be carried away by the stream. Others, who are not good swimmers, are submerged when they enter the stream. Thus, for example, Judas, having entered into the temptation of avarice, did not overcome it but hanged himself, being materially and spiritually submerged. Peter entered into the temptation of denial but, overcoming it, was not submerged by it. He crossed the stream with courage and was not carried away. In yet another passage, listen to the chorus of the perfect saints, who give thanks for having escaped temptation. "You tried us, O God. Like silver you passed us through the fire. You pushed us into the snare, you laid sufferings on our backs. You made people pass over our heads. We passed through fire and water, and you have brought us to refreshment." - "Mystagogical Lectures 5.17"

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