Wisdom of Sirach 31:28

Wine measurably drunk and in season brings gladness of the heart, and cheerfulness of the mind:
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Ambrose of Milan

AD 397
God, knowing well that wine drunk in moderation contributes to health and increases discernment, whereas gulped without measure, it gives birth to vices, gave us this creature. He left to human freedom, however, the possibility of using it abundantly, so that the frugality of nature might be a lesson in sobriety and the human condition would impute to itself the damage of abuse and the guilt of drunkenness. Noah became drunk and, groggy from wine, fell into a deep sleep. In this way he who gained glory through the flood was disgraced by wine. But the Lord also preserved in wine the good qualities of his creature, to the extent of making its fruit contribute to our salvation, making the forgiveness of our sins derive from it. - "Hexameron 5.17.72"

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