Wisdom of Sirach 31:20

Sound sleep comes of moderate eating: he rises early, and his wits are with him: but the pain of watching, and choler, and pangs of the belly, are with an unsatiable man.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Let us first examine the vice considered the most attractive, that of a fine table. Tell me, then, of its time and for what part of the day it detains us: such a small part, in fact, that it is difficult even to calculate. From the moment one begins to feel full, pleasure ceases. And not only that, it ceases even earlier, passing more swiftly than a running stream, even while the food is still between the teeth, and cannot last beyond the swallowing of the food itself. As soon as food passes the teeth, it loses all of its attractiveness. I will not go on about the evils that follow or how great is the storm that derives from the pleasures of the table. In fact, the one who abstains not only feels more at ease but also feels lighter and rests more easily than the one who lies down on his bed oppressed by a full stomach. "Healthy sleep with moderate eating," the Scripture says. Is there perhaps need to recall the illnesses, the disgust, the calamities, the wasted expense? From such meals, how many arguments, what envy, what calumnies result? - "Against the Opponents of the Monastic Life 2.10"

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