Wisdom of Sirach 15:15

If you will, to keep the commandments, and to perform acceptable faithfulness.
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Faustus of Riez

AD 495
Scripture shows beyond a doubt that the seeds of a good will have been sown in human beings when it says, "If you want to, you will keep the commandments. Faithfulness depends on your good will," and, "Do not despise the Lord"s instruction," and, "Do not withhold a benefit from one in need," and, "Do not plot evil against your neighbor," and, "Do not be like the horse and mule, without intelligence," and, "Do not despise your mother"s teaching," and, "Do not listen to a deceitful woman," and, "He refuses to understand, to do good," and, "They do not want to be converted." If someone is accused of not willing something, it is clearly demonstrated that it was in his power to do so. And there are many other similar examples in the Scriptures of the Old Testament, all of which blame and show as culpable especially the will itself. Even the new books of the gospel and of the apostles demonstrate nothing other than free will. - "On Grace 1.12"

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