Wisdom of Sirach 14:9

A covetous man's eye is not satisfied with his portion; and the iniquity of the wicked dries up his soul.
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John Chrysostom

AD 407
Someone once said, "Nothing is more wicked than a money-lover." This is the kind of person who puts a price even on himself and goes around as a common enemy of the world, complaining that the earth does not bear gold instead of corn, or fountains instead of streams or mountains instead of stones. He complains about the fruitfulness of the seasons, troubled if everyone receives some common benefits from something. He shuns every means that does not yield a monetary reward, he puts up with anything from which he can scrape together even two farthings. He hates everyone, rich and poor alike. He hates the poor, lest they should come and beg from him. He hates the rich. because he does not have what they have. He considers everyone else to have what really should belong to him and thinks that everyone has wronged him, and so he is displeased with everyone. He does not know what it means to have plenty, nor does he have any experience with being satisfied. He is more wretched than anyone, even as the one who is freed from these things and practices self-restraint is the most enviable. For the virtuous individual, even though he might be a servant or a prisoner, is the most happy of all. - "Homilies on the Gospel of Matthew 80.4"

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