Wisdom of Sirach 12:4

Give to the godly man, and help not a sinner.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
Execute mercy to the wicked, but not because he is wicked. Do not receive the wicked, in so far as he is wicked, that is, do not receive him because you have an inclination and love toward for his iniquity. For it is forbidden to give to a sinner and to receive sinners. Yet how do we hear, "Give to every one that asks of you," and this, "If your enemy is hungry, feed him"? This is seemingly contradictory, but it is opened to those who knock in the name of Christ and will be clear to those who seek. "Do not help a sinner," and, "Do not give to the ungodly," and yet, "Give to every one who asks of you." But it is a sinner who asks of me. Give, not as though you were giving to a sinner. When do you give as though you were giving to a sinner? When that which makes him a sinner pleases you so that his sin becomes the reason that you give. - "Expositions of the Psalms 102.13"

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