Wisdom of Sirach 10:25

To the servant that is wise shall they that are free do service: and he that has knowledge will not grudge when he is reformed.
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AD 400
"He who is called in the Lord as a slave is a freedman of the Lord." Someone who is rescued from sins, which are truly indicative of "slaves," becomes a freedman of the Lord. For he who behaves unwisely is a slave through and through. This was the opinion of the ancients too, who called wise people "free," and all the unwise, "slaves." Thus Solomon says, "Free people shall serve a slave who is wise." Therefore one who believes, even if he is a slave for a time, becomes a freedman of the Lord because, in believing in Christ, he is doing a wise thing. For sins create slaves, as Ham the son of Noah was made a slave for his sin and lack of prudence, for when someone receives remission of sins, he becomes a freedman. - "Commentary on the First Letter to the Corinthians 7.22.1"

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