Wisdom of Sirach 1:1

All wisdom comes from the Lord, and is with him for ever.
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Fulgentius of Ruspe

AD 533
If the Arians say that God the Father is not created and God the Son is, then, as the natural creation of the innate Father makes known the unity of nature in the Father and in the Son, so eternity by nature of the Father does not allow one to attribute a beginning to divine creation. Therefore, the Father and the Son are without beginning, and the Father and the Son are one single and true beginning. For this reason God the Father speaks to his Son in the psalm: "With you the beginning, on the day of your power, among the splendors of the saints; from the womb I have created you before the dawn." What is "with you the beginning," if not that which is said elsewhere of wisdom, "It comes forth from the Lord our God and has always been with him and is before the beginning of time"? Therefore, rightly so, the Son affirms himself to be the beginning since he knows that he is coeternal with the Father from the beginning, just as he knows that he by nature is one single beginning with the same Father. And affirming himself to be the alpha and the omega, that is, the beginning and the end, the Son confirms himself to be without beginning and without end. Just as, in fact, no letter exists before the alpha, in the same way no nature could possibly exist before the Son. Therefore, the Son says he is the alpha in order to demonstrate that he is the beginning of all things, before which there can be no other beginning. This is the reason why the Evangelist, wanting to express the eternity of the Word without beginning, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit has found nothing more suitable or more congruous to say than, "In the beginning was the Word." - "Against Fabianus, fragment 19.2–3"

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