Song of Songs 1:9

I have compared you, O my love, to a mare of Pharaoh's chariots.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
As Hebrew, "with rows of jewels, thy neck with chains of gold. "(Protestants) Septuagint here read like the Vulgate c instead of b before thurim, which signifies chains, (ver. 10.; Haydock) as well as turtles. We cannot say that this bird has cheeks. (Calmet) It is an emblem of the Church mourning, and ever true to her beloved, (Origen) who bestows a variety of graces on different people, 1 Corinthians xii. 4. (Calmet)

Gregory The Dialogist

AD 604
All who are servants of hedonism, pride, avarice, envy and falsehood are still under Pharaoh’s chariot, being like horses under [the control of] Pharaoh’s chariot, that is, under the devil’s rule. But all who strive for humility, chastity, doctrine and charity have been made horses of our Creator, having been placed in the chariot of God, with God as their driver. - "Commentary on the Song of Songs 45"

Gregory of Elvira

AD 392
“My horses are with Pharaoh’s chariots,” it says. The horses of the Lord, that is, the people of the Gentiles, were formerly with Pharaoh’s chariots, that is, in the power of the devil, since they had not yet believed in Christ. He forewarns them, therefore, not to submit themselves again to that yoke through contempt of the faith. For, as I have already said, the people of the Gentiles who required horses were held under the Pharaoh’s yoke, that is, with the chariots of the devil, before the Lord’s advent, even though the Lord already foreknew them to be his own. But there is no doubt that the Pharaoh is the devil, for the devil tyrannizes the world like the Pharaoh did Egypt. Moreover, just as the Pharaoh persecuted the sons of Israel, so does the devil persecute the saints in this world.… Yet, now liberated by the grace of Christ from the yoke of tyrannical servitude, having been made sons of God through faith, and destined for celestial glory with a pure heart and true devotion in ...

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