Psalms 78:59

When God heard this, he was full of anger, and greatly abhorred Israel:
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
31. "And He made to dwell in their tabernacles the tribes of Israel." In the tabernacles, he saith, of the Gentiles He made the tribes of Israel to dwell, which I think can better be explained spiritually, inasmuch as unto celestial glory, whence sinning angels have been cast forth and cast down, by Christ's grace we are being uplifted. For that generation crooked and embittering, inasmuch as for these corporal blessings they put not off the coat of oldness, "Did tempt" yet, "and provoked the high God, and His testimonies they kept not (ver. 56): and they turned them away, and they kept not the covenant, like their fathers" (ver. 57). For under a sort of covenant and decree they said, "All things which our Lord God hath spoken we will do, and we will hear." It is a remarkable thing indeed which he saith, "like their fathers:" while throughout the whole text of the Psalm he was seeming to speak of the same men as it were, yet now it appeareth that the words did concern those who were al...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Heard. So he did the crimes of Sodom, Genesis xviii. 20. (Calmet) Reduced. Hebrew, "abhorred exceedingly several in Israel. "(Haydock) The people were not exterminated; but greatly reduced in the time of the judges. (Worthington)

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