Psalms 78:48

He gave up their cattle also to the hail, and their flocks to fiery thunderbolts.
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George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Fire. St. Jerome, "who gave their pastures to the hail, and their cattle to the birds. "Reshaphim is also rendered "coals "by Pagnin. It may denote the thunderbolts. (Haydock)

Hippolytus of Rome

AD 235
Symmachus renders it: Who gave up their cattle to the plague, and their possessions to birds. For, having met an overwhelming overthrow, they became a prey for carnivorous birds, But, according to the Seventy, the sense is not that the hail destroyed their cattle, and the fire the rest of their substance, but that hail, falling in an extraordinary manner along with fire, destroyed utterly their vines and sycamines first of all, which were entirely unable to stand out against the first attack; then the cattle which grazed on the plains; and then every herb and tree, which the fire accompanying the hail consumed; and the affair was altogether portentous, as fire ran with the water, and was commingled with it. For fire ran in the hail, he says; and it was thus hail, and fire burning in the hail. David also calls the cattle and the fruit of the trees substance, or riches. And it should be observed that, though the hail is recorded to have destroyed every herb and every tree, yet there were...

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