Psalms 72:8

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
11. "And He shall be Lord from sea even unto sea, and from the river even unto the ends of the round world" (ver. 8): He to wit concerning whom he had said, "There shall arise in His days justice and abundance of peace, until the moon be exalted." If the Church here is properly signified under the term moon, in continuation he showed how widely that same Church He was going to spread abroad, when He added, "and He shall be Lord from sea even unto sea." For the land is encircled by a great sea which is called the Ocean: from which there floweth in some small part in the midst of the lands, and maketh those seas known to us, which are frequented by ships. Again, in "from sea even unto sea" He hath said, that from any one end of the earth even unto any other end, He would be Lord, whose name and power in the whole world were to be preached and to prevail exceedingly. To which, that there might not be understood in any other manner, "from sea even unto sea:" He immediately added, "and from...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Ethiopians. So St. Jerome, Aquila, translate Tsiim, (Haydock) which denotes any nations living at a distance from commerce, (Berthier) or islanders, and those who are accustomed to sail, Isaias xiii. 21. People on the continent, as well as those in islands, and ships, shall submit to Solomon, (3 Kings x. 11.) as all shall yield to Christ, (Calmet) at least at the day of judgment. Ground. Prostrating to adore him, Isaias xlix. 23. (Berthier) Thus the Persians approach their kings, (Val. Max. vii. 3.) as the Muscovites and Chinese do still. (Calmet) The eunuch of the queen of Ethiopia was the first convert of those who did not live in the holy land, Acts viii. 27. (Menochius) ...

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