Psalms 72:5

They shall fear you as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
8. "And He shall endure to the sun," or, "shall endure with the sun" (ver. 5). For thus some of our writers have thought would be more exactly translated that which in the Greek is sumparamenei. But if in Latin it could have been expressed in one word, it must have been expressed by compermanebit: however, because in Latin the word cannot be expressed, in order that the sense at least might be translated, it hath been expressed by, "He shall endure with the sun." For He shall co-endure to the sun is nothing else but, "He shall endure with the sun." But what great matter is it for Him to endure with the sun, through whom all things were made, and without whom nothing was made, save that this prophecy hath been sent before for the sake of those who think that the religion of the Christian name up to a particular time in this world will live, and afterwards will be no more? "He shall endure" therefore "with the sun," so long as the sun riseth and setteth, that is, so long as these times r...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Fleece. Or, "new cut grass "as the original term also signifies. Yet the explanation given by the Vulgate seems preferable, (Berthier) as an allusion is made to what happened to Gideon, (Judges vi. 37.; Houbigant) prefiguring the miraculous conception of our Saviour. He shall call both the strayed sheep of the house of Israel, and the inhabitants of all the earth: as Solomon gave the greatest satisfaction to his people, during the early part of his reign, (Haydock) and spoke with the utmost eloquence, 3 Kings iv. 34. (Calmet) Some supply His justice, (ver. 7.) or rather, "his word "shall come, Deuteronomy xxxii. 2. (Calmet) The incarnation was effected sweetly, and in silence. (Worthington) ...

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