Psalms 72:19

And blessed be his glorious name forever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
20. "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who hath done wonderful things alone" (ver. 18). Contemplating all things above spoken of, a hymn bursteth forth; and the Lord God of Israel is blessed. For that is being fulfilled which hath been spoken to that barren woman, "and He that hath delivered Thee, the God of Israel, shall Himself be called of the whole earth." "He doeth" Himself "marvellous things alone:" for whosoever do them, He doth Himself work in them, "who doeth wonderful things alone." "And blessed be the name of His glory for everlasting, and for age of age" (ver. 19). For what else should the Latin interpreters have said, who could not have said for everlasting, and for everlasting of everlasting? For it soundeth as if one thing were meant in the expression "for everlasting," and another thing in the expression "for age:" but the Greek hath eij ton aiwna, kai eij ton aiwna tou aiwnoj, which perchance more meetly might have been rendered by, "for age, and for age of age:" so t...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Are ended. By this it appears that this psalm, though placed here, was in order of time the last of those which David composed, (Challoner) as he died soon after. (Menochius) The subject which he has here treated, (Haydock) concentrated all his thoughts and desires. (Eusebius) "The prayers of David, son of Jesse, have been summed up. "(Theodotion and V Edition.) (Haydock) It is probable that the collections of the psalms were made at different times; (Berthier) and though many were found after this second book was completed, it was not judged expedient to make any alteration. The Syriac and Arabic pass over this sentence entirely, (Calmet) which might be added by Esdras. (Worthington) The following psalms have the name of Asaph, in the titles. (Flaminius) Yet it is certain that David composed some at least, which are place after this. See Psalm cix. (Haydock) The true David ceaseth not to sing new canticles in his Church. (St. Augustine) (Worthington) ...

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