Psalms 72:13

He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save the souls of the needy.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
15. But it might occur to one; if because of sins man was held by the devil, have sins pleased Christ, who saved the needy man from the mighty? Far be it. But "He it is that shall spare the helpless and poor man" (ver. 13): that is, shall remit sins to the man, humble and not trusting in his own merits, or hoping for salvation because of his own virtue, but needing the grace of his Saviour. But when he hath added, "and the souls of the poor He shall save:" he hath recommended to our notice both the aids of grace; both that which is for the remission of sins, when he saith, "He shall spare the poor and needy man;" and that which doth consist in the imparting of righteousness, whenhe hath added, "and the souls of the poor He shall save." For no one is meet of himself for salvation (which salvation is perfect righteousness), unless God's grace aid: because the fulness of the law is nought but love, which doth not exist in us of ourselves, but is shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Usuries. Hebrew toc, (Haydock) means "fraud and usury. "Eternal torment is the usury which God exacts for murder, (St. Augustine) or a transient pleasure. (Haydock) From this Christ has redeemed us, (Berthier) as well as from iniquity. (St. Augustine) Original sin is the capital, for which the devil claims usury. (Bellarmine) Name. Hebrew, "blood. "Septuagint properly wrote aima, which has been changed for onoma. The sense is not very different, as those who respect a person's name, are careful to defend him from death. (Berthier) Hebrew, "their blood is precious "Psalm cxv. 15., and 1 Kings xxvi. 21. Solomon repressed all injustice, so that usury was banished, and the poor was so much enriched, as not to be forced to borrow. (Calmet) Yet, after his fall, he laid heavy burdens on his people. (Haydock) How much has the name and blood of Christians cost! Yet we fear not to scandalize those (Berthier) for whom Christ died! The most beautiful qualification of all in power is, to prot...

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