Psalms 59:12

For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for the cursing and lying which they speak.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
19. "Scatter them abroad in Thy virtue" (ver. 11). Now this thing hath been done: throughout all nations there have been scattered abroad the Jews, witnesses of their own iniquity and our truth. They have themselves writings, out of which hath been prophesied Christ, and we hold Christ. And if sometime perchance any heathen man shall have doubted, when we have told him the prophecies of Christ, at the clearness whereof he is amazed, and wondering hath supposed that they were written by ourselves, then out of the copies of the Jews we prove, how this thing so long time before had been foretold. See after what sort by means of our enemies we confound other enemies. "Scatter them abroad in Thy virtue:" take away from them "virtue," take away from them their strength. "And bring them down, my protector, O Lord." "The transgressions of their mouth, the discourse of their lips: and let them be taken in their pride: and out of cursing and lying shall be declared consummations, in the anger of...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
For, is not expressed. Literally, "bring down. The sign "Let not their haughty speeches take effect, or escape punishment. The imprecations of the Jews against themselves, (Haydock) and against Christ, have brought on their destruction. (St. Augustine) Thus nothing need be supplied. Of. Hebrew, "shall relate "which has little sense. Laying aside the points, it may have the meaning of the Vulgate. This passage can hardly be applicable to David's persecutors, though it might predict the disasters of Saul. It alludes more to the enemies of Christ, (Berthier) who called down his blood upon themselves, (Matthew xxvii. 25.) and most falsely accused Him. (Calmet) Hence they are become the reproach of men, and are no longer a people. They behold the reign of Christ propagated throughout the world, (ver. 16.; Haydock) while they are wandering about and despised. They once would not serve; boasting that they were children of Abraham, John viii. (Menochius)

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