Psalms 58:2

Yea, in heart you work wickedness; you weigh out the violence of your hands in the earth.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
3. But now ye do what? Why these things to you do I speak? "Because in heart iniquities ye work on earth" (ver. 2). Iniquities perchance in heart alone? Hear what followeth: both their heart hands do follow, and their heart hands do serve, the thing is thought of, and it is done; or else it is not done, not because we would not, but because we could not, Whatever Thou Willest and Canst Not, for Done God Doth Count It. "For in heart Iniquities ye work on earth." What next? "Iniquities your hands knit together." What is, "knit together"? From sin, sin, and to sin, sin, because of sin. What is this? A theft a man hath committed, a sin it is: he hath been seen, he seeketh to slay him by whom he hath been seen: there hath been knit together sin with sin: God hath permitted him in His hidden judgment to slay that man whom he hath willed to slay: he perceiveth that the thing is known, he seeketh to slay a second also; he hath knit together a third sin: while these things he is planning, perch...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Heart. Hence proceed evil thoughts (Haydock) Quicquid visnon potes, factum Deus computat. (St. Augustine) Forge, as you endeavour to preserve the appearance of rectitude. Hebrew, "weigh "in scales. (Calmet) This double-dealing aggravates the fault. (Worthington)

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