Psalms 58:1

Do you indeed speak righteousness, O congregation? do you judge uprightly, O you sons of men?
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
1. The words which we have sung must be rather hearkened to by us, than proclaimed. For to all men as it were in an assemblage of mankind, the Truth crieth, "If truly indeed justice ye speak, judge right things, ye sons of men" (ver. 1). For to what unjust man is it not an easy thing to speak justice? or what man if questioned about justice, when he hath not a cause, would not easily answer what is just? Inasmuch as the hand of our Maker in our very hearts hath written this truth, "That which to thyself thou wouldest not have done, do not thou to another." Of this truth, even before that the Law was given, no one was suffered to be ignorant, in order that there might be some rule whereby might be judged even those to whom Law had not been given. But lest men should complain that something had been wanting for them, there hath been written also in tables that which in their hearts they read not. For it was not that they had it not written, but read it they would not. There hath been set...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Title. This psalm is a sequel to the former, (Worthington) and refers to the malevolent speeches of Saul's courtiers, (1 Kings xxiv. 10., and xxvi. 7.; Calmet) and to the proceedings of the Jews against Christ. (St. Jerome) It is an invective against hypocrites, (Calmet) and detractors. (Berthier)

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Men. If you be consulted by Saul, and act as judges, do what is right. Condemn not a man unheard. (Calmet) Few refuse to speak well. (Worthington) Hebrew also, "O assembly "act not hypocritically.

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