Psalms 56:4

In God, I will praise his word, in God, I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
7. "In God I will praise my discourses, in God I have hoped: I will not fear what flesh doeth to me" (ver. 4). Wherefore? Because in God I will praise my discourses. If in thyself thou praisest thy discourses: I say not that thou art not to fear; it is impossible that thou have not to fear. For thy discourses either false thou wilt have, and therefore thine own, because false: or if thy discourses shall be true, and thou shalt deem thyself not to have them from God but of thyself to speak; true they will be, but thou wilt be false: but if thou shalt have known that thou canst say nothing true in the wisdom of God, in the faith of the Truth, save that which From Him thou hast received, of whom is said, "For what hast thou which thou hast not received?" Then in God thou art praising thy discourses, in order that in God thou mayest be praised by the discourses of God. ..."In God I have hoped, I will not fear what flesh doeth to me." Wast thou not the same that a little before wast saying,...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
My words. The words or promises God has made in my favour. (Challoner) Praising God (Haydock) removed the dejection of David. (Eusebius) Detested. Protestants, "wrest. "They put an evil construction upon what I say, (Haydock) and make me their laughing-stock, Psalm xxxvii. 13. (Calmet) But I cease not to proclaim what God has declared in my favour, (Haydock) or what good I have been enabled to effect by his grace. My enemies may meet to devise my ruin, and to supplant me; yet all in vain. (Worthington)

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