Psalms 35:18

I will give you thanks in the great congregation: I will praise you among many people.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
21. Lastly, wouldest thou know what is that Darling? Read the words following: "I will confess unto Thee, O Lord, in the great Congregation; in a weighty people will I praise Thee" (ver. 18). Truly saith He, "I will confess unto Thee:" for confession is made in all the multitude, but not in all is God praised: the whole multitude heareth our confession, but notin all the multitude is the praise of God. For in all the whole multitude, that is, in the Church which is spread abroad in the whole world, is chaff, and wheat: the chaff flieth, the wheat remaineth; therefore, "in a weighty people will I praise Thee." In a weighty people, which the wind of temptation carries not away, in such is God praised.For in the chaff He is ever blasphemed. ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Strong, gravi. Hebrew hat sum, numerous, (1 Machabees i. 1.; Menochius) and "weighty "(Haydock) which is the consequence of great numbers, (Berthier) and of virtue. St. Augustine understands the Church, which is not carried away like chaff before the wind. Amama dislikes this. (Haydock) The resurrection is foretold, (ver. 17.) and here the Catholic Church is signified. (Worthington)

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