Psalms 35:12

They rewarded me evil for good to the sorrow of my soul.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
13. Let then our Head say, "False witnesses did rise up, they laid to My charge things that I knew not" (ver. 11). But let us say to our Head, Lord, what knewest Thou not? Didst Thou indeed know not anything? Didst Thou not know the hearts of them that charged Thee? Didst Thou not foresee their deceits? Didst Thou not give Thyself into their hands knowingly? Hadst Thou not come that Thou mightest suffer by them? What then knewest Thou not? He knew not sin, and thereby He knew not sin, not by not judging, but by not committing. There are phrases of this kind also in daily use, as when thou sayest of any one, He knoweth not to stand, that is, he doth not stand; and, He knoweth not to do good, because he doth not good; and, He knoweth not to do ill, because he doth not ill. ...What knew not Christ so much, as to blaspheme? Thereof was He called in question by His persecutors, and because He spake truth, He was judged to have spoken blasphemy? But by whom? By them of whom it followeth, "Th...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Depriving, sterilitatem. (Haydock) Hebrew denotes the condition of one who has lost a husband or father. I had exposed my life for the welfare of the state, and of those who now seek my ruin. (Calmet) Yet David was not slain. This was verified in our Saviour. (Worthington) Septuagint have ateknian, "loss of children "as Christ was abandoned by his disciples. (Menochius)

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