Psalms 141:10

Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I thus escape.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
13. "Sinners shall fall into his nets" (ver. 10). Not all sinners, certain sinners, who are so great sinners, as to love this life to such a degree as to prefer it to everlasting life, "shall fall into his trap." But what sayest thou? Shall they that are such, thinkest thou, fall into his nets? what of Thy disciples, O Christ? Behold, when persecution was raging, when they all "left Thee alone, and went every one to his own:" lo! they who were closest to Thee, in Thy trial and persecution, when Thine enemies demanded Thee to be crucified, abandoned Thee. And that bold one, who had promised Thee that he would go with Thee even unto death, heard from the Physician what was being done in him, the sick man. For being in a fever, he had said he was whole; but the Lord touched the vein of his heart. Then came the trial; then came the test; then came the accusation; and now, questioned not by some great power, but by a humble slave, and that a woman, questioned by a handmaid, he yielded; he d...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
His. "Own "(Protestants) the devil's, (St. Hilary) or God's net. (St. Chrysostom) Saul twice fell into David's power. (Calmet) Alone. Singularly protected by the Almighty, until I pass all their nets and snares. (Challoner) Though alone, I fear no danger. (Haydock) I will have no connection with the wicked in this life, (St. Chrysostom) which is beset with snares. (Calmet) Hebrew, "I will be a witness till I pass. "(Houbigant) Yachad means, "together "(Berthier) Sinners shall at last be entrapped; but the Church shall be for ever protected. (Worthington)

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