Psalms 139:7

Where shall I go from your Spirit? or where shall I flee from your presence?
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
7. Behold thou findest that the runaway in a far country cannot escape His eyes, from whom he fleeth. And whither can he go now, whose "limit is tracked out"? Behold, what saith he? "Whither shall I go from Thy Spirit?" (ver. 7). Who can in the world flee from that Spirit, with whom the world is filled? "And whither shall I flee from Thy Face?" He seeketh a place whither to flee from the wrath of God. What place will shelter God's runaway? Men who shelter runaways, ask them from whom they have fled; and when they find any one a slave of some master less powerful than themselves, him they shelter as it were without any fear, saying in their hearts, "he hath not a master by whom he can be tracked out." But when they are told of a powerful master, they either shelter not, or they shelter with great fear, because even a powerful man can be deceived. Where is God not? Who can deceive God? Whom doth not God see? From whom doth not God demand His runaway? Whither then shall that runaway go fr...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Face? or anger. (St. Augustine) (Chaldean) (Calmet) (Isaias xxx. 28.) (Menochius) The power of God extends every where, Wisdom i. 7. (Calmet) The third divine person is truly God, and immense. (St. Jerome) As God's knowledge comprehends every thing, so his presence reaches to all. (Worthington)

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