Psalms 119:59

I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto your testimonies.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
57. Let us hear what followeth: "I have promised to keep Thy law." What meaneth, "My portion, O Lord: I have promised to keep Thy law" (ver. 57); save because the Lord will be each man's portion then, when he hath kept His law? Consider therefore what he subjoineth: "I entreated Thy face, with my whole heart:" and saying in what manner he prayed: "O be merciful," he saith, "unto me, according to Thy word" (ver. 58). And as if he had been heard and aided by' Him whom he prayed unto, "I thought," he saith, "on mine own ways, and turned away my feet unto Thy testimonies" (ver. 59). That is, I turned them away from mine own ways, which displeased me, that they might follow Thy testimonies, and there might find a path. For most of the copies have not, "Because I thought," as is read in some; but only, "I thought." But what is here written, "and I turned away my feet:" some read, "Because I thought, Thou also hast turned away my feet:" that this may rather be ascribed to the grace of God, ac...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
My ways. Many read, "thy ways. "(Septuagint; Arabic) But this is the true sense of the Hebrew The consciousness of having adhered to thy commands, makes me hope that thou wilt not abandon me. (Calmet) I have bewailed my past transgressions, and am resolved henceforward to live piously. (St. Ambrose) I have reflected on my former actions, and taken up this firm determination, trusting in thy mercy, ver. 58. (Worthington)

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