Psalms 119:44

So shall I keep your law continually forever and ever.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
45. "So shall I alway keep Thy law" (ver. 44): that is, if Thou wilt not take the word of Thy truth out of my mouth. "Yea, unto age, and age of age:" he showeth what he meant by "alway." For sometimes by "alway" is meant, as long as we live here; but this is not, "unto age, and age of age." For it is better thus translated than as some copies have, "to eternity, and to age of age," since they could not say, and to eternity of eternity. That law therefore should be understood, of which the Apostle saith, "Love is the fulfilling of the law." For this will be kept by the saints, from whose mouth the word of truth is not taken, that is, by the Church of Christ Herself, not only during this world, that is, until this world is ended; but for another also which is styled, "world without end." ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Ever. Hebrew, "and after. "The sanction of the law will remain after this world is at an end. These expressions relate to the Church. (Berthier)

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