Psalms 119:19

I am a stranger in the earth: hide not your commandments from me.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
17. "Open Thou mine eyes. and I will consider wondrous things of Thy law" (ver. 18). What he addeth, "I am a lodger upon earth" (ver. 19): or, as some copies read, "I am a sojourner upon earth, O hide not Thy commandments from me," hath the same meaning. ... 18. Here an important question ariseth respecting the soul. For the words, I am a sojourner, or lodger, or stranger upon earth, cannot scent to have been said in reference to the body, since the body derives its origin from the earth. But in this most profound question I dare not define anything. For if it might justly have been said in respect of the soul (which God forbid we should suppose derived from the earth), "I am a lodger," or "stranger upon earth;" or in reference to the whole man, since he was at one time an inhabitant of Paradise, where he who spake these words was not; or, what is more free from all controversy, if it be not every man who could say this, but one to whom an everlasting country hath been promised in h...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Earth. At Babylon, or in the world, which is a pilgrimage, (Calmet) and I am unacquainted with the roads. (Menochius) The latter sense is much better, 2 Corinthians v. 6., and Hebrews xi. 10. (Berthier)

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