Psalms 119:151

You are near, O LORD; and all your commandments are truth.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
149. Lastly, it followeth, "Thou art nigh at hand, O Lord, and all Thy ways are truth" (ver. 151). Even in their troubles, it hath been a wontedconfession of the saints, to ascribe truth unto God, because they suffer them not undeservedly. So did Queen Esther, so did holy Daniel, so didthe three men in the furnace, so do other associates in their sanctity confess. But it may be asked, in what sense it is here said, "All Thy ways are truth;" since in another Psalm it is read, "All the ways of the Lord are mercy and truth." But towards the saints, All the ways of the Lord are at once mercy and truth: since He aideth them even in judgment, and thus mercy is not wanting; and in having mercy upon them, He performeth that which He hath promised, so that truth is not wanting. But towards all, both those whom He freeth, and those whom He condemneth, all the ways of the Lord are mercy and truth; because where He doth not show mercy, the truth of His vengeance is displayed. For He freeth many wh...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Near. To reward or punish. We wander from thee, yet there is no place between. (St. Augustine, x. 26, 27.) (Berthier) God is ever ready to hear our just requests. (Worthington) His law may be easily known, Deuteronomy xxx. 11. (Calmet)

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