Psalms 119:147

I rose before the dawning of the morning, and cried: I hoped in your word.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
145. "I have prevented in midnight," he saith, "and have cried: In Thy words have I trusted" (ver. 147). If we refer this to each of the faithful, and to the literal character of the act; it oft happeneth that the love of God is awake in that hour of the night, and, the love of prayer strongly urging us, the time of prayer, which is wont to be after the crowing of the cock, is not awaited, but prevented. But if we understand night of the whole of this world's duration; we indeed cry unto God at midnight, and prevent the fulness of time in which He will restore us what He hath promised, as is elsewhere read, "Let us prevent His presence with confession." Although if we choose to understand the unripe season of this night, before the fulness of time had come, that is, the ripe season when Christ should be manifested in the flesh; neither was the Church then silent, but preventing this fulness of time, in prophecy cried out, and trusted in the words of God, who was able to do what He prom...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
The. Literally, "in maturity. "Some think that we should read immaturitate, aoria, (St. Augustine) "in the dead of the night. "The psalmist not only rose at midnight, but before sun-rise to meditate. (Haydock) Kimchi says, he only indulged sleep the first three hours. But others believe, that he arose in the third and last watch, ver. 148. (Calmet) He got up before the ordinary time, and prayed with earnestness. (Worthington) St. Ambrose encourages people to come early to the church, to offer the first-fruits of their hearts, and voice to God; (Calmet) and St. Augustine informs us, that such was the practice of St. Monica. (Confessions ix. 7.) You are not in a higher station than the holy king who said, I rose, ver. 22. (St. Chrysostom, ser. 42. ad pop.) (Berthier)

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