Psalms 119:131

I opened my mouth, and panted: for I longed for your commandments.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
130. This is confessed by this little one; "I opened my mouth," he saith, "and drew in the spirit: for I longed for Thy commandments" (ver. 131). What did he long for, save to obey the divine commandments? But there was no possibility of the weak doing hard things, the little one great things: he opened his mouth, confessing that he could not do them of himself: and drew in power to do them: he opened his mouth, by seeking, asking, knocking: and athirst drank in the good Spirit, which enabled him to do what he could not do by himself, "the commandment holy and just and good." Not that they themselves who "are led by the Spirit of God," do nothing; but that they may not do nothing good, they are moved to act by the good Spirit. For so much the more is every man made a good son, in proportion as the good Spirit is given unto Him by the Father in a greater measure.

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Panted. Like one afflicted with the asthma, (Berthier) or most eager to obtain something. (Worthington) He asked and obtained the holy Spirit, (St. Augustine) enabling him to understand the law, (Haydock) and to comply with it. See Ezechiel iii. 2., and Psalm lxxx 11. (Calmet)

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