Psalms 119:121

I have done what is right and just: leave me not to my oppressors.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
119. "I have dealt judgment and righteousness; O give me not over unto mine oppressors" (ver. 121). It is not wonderful that he should have dealt judgment and righteousness, since he had above prayed for a chaste fear from God, whereby to fix with nails his flesh, that is, his carnal lusts, which are wont to hinder our judgment from being right. But although in our customary speech judgment is either right or wrong, whence it is said unto men in the Gospel, "Judge not according to the persons, but judge righteous judgment:" nevertheless in this passage judgment is used as though, if it were not righteous, it ought not to be called judgment; otherwise it would not be enough to say, "I have dealt judgment," but it would be said, I have dealt righteous judgment. ... 120. Whoso therefore in the chaste fear of God hath his flesh crucified, and corrupted by no carnal allurement, dealeth judgment and the work of righteousness, ought to pray that he may not be given up to his adversaries; ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Justice. This he declares out of zeal, praying to be freed from calumniators, (Worthington) particularly the devil, Apocalypse xii. 9. The Babylonians probably laid falsehoods to the charge of the Jews, in order to oppress them, as they frequently accused Daniel.

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