Psalms 119:120

My flesh trembles for fear of you; and I am afraid of your judgments.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
118. The grace of God, then, being known, which alone freeth from transgression, which is committed through knowledge of the law, he saith, in prayer, "Fix with nails my flesh in Thy fear" (ver. 120). For this some Latin interpreters have literally rendered the Greek kaqhlwson, which that language has expressed in one word. Some have preferred to render by the word confige, without adding clavis; and while they thus desire to construe one Latin by one Greek word, have failed to express the full meaning of the Greek kaqhlwson, because in confige nails are not mentioned, but kaqhlwson cannot be taken but of nails, nor can "fix with nails" be expressed without using two words in Latin. ...Hath he added, "For I have feared Thy judgments"? What meaneth, "Fix me in Thy fear: for I have feared"? If he had already feared, or if he was now fearing, why did he still pray God to crucify his flesh in His fear? Did he wish so much additional fear imparted to him as would suffice for crucifying his ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Afraid. Servile fear is therefore profitable, though perfect charity expel it, and move us to do well for the love of God, 1 John iv. (Worthington) Yet fear sometimes returns, that the just may not give way to presumption. (Calmet)

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