Psalms 119:10

With my whole heart have I sought you: O let me not wander from your commandments.
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Augustine of Hippo

AD 430
10. "With my whole heart," he saith, "have I sought thee; O repel me not from Thy commandments" (ver. 10). Behold, he prayeth that he may be aided to keep the words of God, wherewith he had said that the young man corrected his way. For this is the meaning of the words, "O repel me not from Thy commandments:" for what is it to be repelled of God, save not to be aided? For human infirmity is not equal to obeying His righteous and exalted commandments, unless His love doth prevent and aid. But those whom He aideth not, these He is justly said to repel. ...

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Let. Literally, "do not cast me off. "(Haydock) God rejects none but the negligent. (St. Hilary; St. Ambrose) The just, or the Church in general, here confess (Worthington) that perseverance is a gift of God. (Haydock) Deprived of grace, we should fall, no less than if God "made us err "as the Hebrew strictly implies. (Berthier)

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