Obadiah 1:15

For the day of the LORD is near upon all the nations: as you have done, it shall be done unto you: your reward shall return upon your own head.
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Cyril of Alexandria

AD 444
Again the time of war is predicted [as in Joel] when the neighboring nations will join together against Edom to inflict bitter punishment. That day is truly called the Day of the Lord. For God the Lord was the one who handed them over to the Israelites in their wickedness and injustice. So that he might affirm that their divine punishment is just he says, “As you have done, so it will be done to you.” For nature is so arranged that everybody receives just treatment, and entirely equal wages are repaid to those who have undertaken similar actions. .

George Leo Haydock

AD 1849
Nations around. (Haydock) Josephus ( x. 11.) does not specify Edom. But the prophets had announced their destruction, effected by Nabuchodonosor, while the main part of his army besieged Tyre. (Calmet)


AD 420
Near, O heretic, is the Day of the Lord over all the nations. Near is the time of judgment in which all the nations are to be judged. As you have acted against the church, the same pain will come back upon your head, and your iniquities will descend upon the crown of your head. For as you have rejoiced in their death and as you have celebrated with a feast on my holy mountain, which is the church, you will not drink my cup, but the cup of the devil, about whom Habakkuk said, “Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbor, turning him upside down into confusion.” … Because you have worshiped in a way that causes ruin to my servants, therefore persecution will come against you and you will suffer for what you have done. And as you rejoiced against my people when you left them to the nations, likewise all the nations will rejoice against you, and they will eat and drink and continue the same persecution on you which you originally rejoiced in for my people. .

Paulinus of Nola

AD 431
Be mindful on that day of the sons of Edom, and change their role with ours, so that they may in disarray witness the day on which your people will dwell in Jerusalem’s ancient city. That nation turns its back on you and now threatens Jerusalem with cruel destruction, saying, “Level that hated city to the ground. Lay it bare by force until nothing stands and the walls are reduced to nothing.”

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