Numbers 26:57

And these are they that were numbered of the Levites according to their families: of Gershon, the family of the Gershonites: of Kohath, the family of the Kohathites: of Merari, the family of the Merarites.
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Procopius of Gaza

AD 528
These words seem to say something about the blessedness of Christ, by the fact that they decree rewards proper to each virtue, and the greatest rewards go to those who are endowed with sincere hearts. For, Scripture says, they will see God. The sort of men he bids to be chosen for holy orders have an appointed description; apart from that they have no portion in the land. They could also say, “In your hands is my lot and my portion, Lord.” So there is no little boy among them; this signifies purity and integrity. The one who counts all of them is Christ, adumbrated in the high priest and lawgiver, who gave no lot to the unfaithful. For Scripture says, “Let them be expunged from the book of the living and not be recorded with the just.” Catena on the Octateuch, on Numbers :.

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